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eBay is probably one of the pioneers in online market places and it has been topping the charts for buying and selling a myriad of objects across the world. Even that weird table lamp can be sold here and yes you will be surprised by the strangest of things you can buy here. And what better way to gift someone than giving them a whole world of options to choose from or a simple eBay gift card. There are both classic or the physical gift cards and a digital or an email gift card. Both carry a 13 digit code which can be used for your purchase on eBay. Of course, you need to have a Paypal account to use their gift cards and it can be used on the items where the payment option is through Paypal. Imagine getting these gift cards for free and for yourself. Isn’t the prospect exciting? Let us see how you can generate these eBay gift cards online without lightening your wallet.

How does eBay Gift Card codes Generator works

a) Choose among the many online websites that offer free eBay gift cards. b) You will be given the option to choose among the different denominations namely $25, $50, $100. Choose the one you want to get. c) The website will then ask you a simple survey or just ask you to share or tweet about their page d) Post this you will be sent an email to your id with the gift code or the screen will display the code which you can note down. e) Now you just have to use the code in the eBay website on any of your Paypal transactions to avail of its value.

Are the free eBay Gift Card codes safe to use

Of course, with the free card generators, you don’t have to worry about being in a country where there is no shipping option on eBay.


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